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Search Our Amazing Collection of Rare and Antique Globes

Click the Search Globes button to delve into our varied assortment of globes of every type, size, age, and price range; including Terrestrial, Celestial & Lunar globes. And we have some very special sets of paired Terrestrial & Celestial globes.

From pocket globes to floor models, from lighted globes to black ocean specimens, and Tellurians and Planetaria ... our collection is extensive.

Search Our Huge Array of Antique and Period Maps

Click the Search Maps button to begin a journey back in time via antique maps from every era. Watch while politcal and geographical boundaries shift like quicksilver as the Western world “discovers” new lands, new waterways, and new civilizations over the centuries.

Search Our Unique Collection of Antiquarian Books & Atlases

Click the Search Books button to explore our inventory of antiquarian & rare books including works of Americana, Atlases & Travel Guides, and Geographics (includes School Atlases, Travel Guides, Ephemera, Periodicals, Illustrations and U.S. Explorations).

Search Our Treasure Trove of Historial & Rare Art Prints

Before the camera, we relied on artists to provide images of far-away lands and exotic flora and fauna, to show us what famous (and infamous) people looked like, and to capture the essence of pivotal events and encounters. Click the Search Prints button to begin a visual expedition through our large and varied collection of historical prints; rare art prints; and botanical, maritime & Audubon prints.